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What is SoukainaCollections about?

Here I share all my Handmade Crochet Collections. I do all kinds of designs, but these days I design modern, cute, and free crochet patterns for babies and kids. I occasionally do crafts and amigurumi dolls and animals as well.

I stumbled upon crochet a few years ago, my very first design was a cute handmade hat! After that, I designed a few baby booties, dresses, blankets, gloves, and many other designs…

I first started at school, and when my classmate and teachers saw my designs, they started begging me to sell them my new designs. I made a few sales, then I quickly became known in the whole school as a crochet pro. Don’t need to tell you that I was “hooked”!

At first, I did a lot of designs and tried to sell my work to my classmates and friends, but that didn’t work as expected.

So I changed my plans.

Instead of doing my projects, and then show them to potential buyers, I raised my game and applied some marketing. I started to ask my classmates and friends what design they wanted me to do? As an example, if someone asked me a hat, I’d just do the hat she asked for!

This worked so well that I got too many orders… it was way too much work for me, and since there are only 24 hours in a day, I needed to raise my game one more time.

So I’m at school with a real business, a hook, some yarns, and way more orders than I can handle! It’s when I started to think seriously about becoming a crochetpreneur. After some research online, I found out that I could create a pattern once, and sell it over and over on sites like Etsy.

This is what I’m currently doing. I design and share cute crochet baby patterns on my Soukaina Collection blog for free for my readers and subscribers. You can also find ad-free, printable, PDFs of my patterns in my Etsy shop. This helps me to continue creating cute baby designs.

I post my latest patterns on the blog, so make sure to bookmark it or pin it on Pinterest now.

I really hope you’ll enjoy my patterns and tutorials, and I look forward to your feedback. I absolutely love to see your finished items, so when you try one of my designs, please tag me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook #soukainacollections .

And by the way, Soukaina means calmness or peace.

Have a nice day!

Soukaina Collections.