Welcome to Soukaina Collections!

What is “SoukainaCollections” about?

Here I share all my Soukaina Handmade Crochet Collections.

I do all kind of designs: babies & kids, women, men, home and more… I occasionally do crafts as well.I stumbled upon crochet a few years ago, and my very first design was a cute handmade hat!After that, I did a few baby booties, dress, blanket, gloves, and many other designs…I first started at school, and when my classmate and teachers saw my designs, they started begging me to sell them my new designs. I started to make a few sales, then I quickly became known in the whole school as a crochet pro.I was hooked!

At first, I did a lot of designs and tried to sell my work to my classmates and friends, but that didn’t work as expected.

So I changed my plans.

Instead of doing my projects, and then show them to potential buyers, I raised my game and applied some marketing. I started to ask my classmates and friends what design they wanted me to do? As an example, if someone asked me a hat, I’d just do that hat for her!

This worked so well that I got too many orders, and it was way too much work for me.

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I needed to raise my game

one more time.

So I’m here, at school with a real business, and more orders than I can handle.

It’s when I started seriously thinking about becoming a crochetpreneur, and after a while, I found out that

I can create a pattern once, and sell it over and over on sites like Etsy or Ravelry.

This is what I’ll be doing now, working on my “Soukaina Collection” blog and creating and selling patterns to serve more customers, make more money and not getting burned out.

I post my latest patterns on the blog, so make sure to bookmark or pin it right now. Plus the pattern I post will be free for my readers and subscribers.

I will also teach beginners how they can start doing their own crochet designs with free tutorials.

And by the way, Soukaina means calmness, peace.

I really hope you’ll enjoy my patterns and tutorials.

Have a nice day!

Soukaina Collections.