Crochet Bows free pattern

crochet bows
Hello everyone!
Today I will show you how to crochet beautiful bows.
It’s so easy to do and it takes a little time.I’ve been adding bows to a lot of my projects lately and I have a few more ideas on how I want to incorporate them.
You get a perfect crochet bow every time!
A bow garland in a baby’s room would be so adorable, or you could embellish slippers and crochet boots, hats or hair bands and clips.

I hope you will like it and let’s start.

Materials / Supplies:
You will need :
  • ch– chain.
  • st/sts-stitch/stitches.
  • sc-single crochet.
Pattern Notes:
-Every rows always begins your rounds in the same stitch as your chain.
-In this pattern, I will make small bows, But You can make it in any size.
-You can add a crochet edging too.

we will start by the length by making a number of chains, and the width by Rounds.

Begin with a slip knot and Ch 10,
Round1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc into next 8, ch 1 and turn.=(9) sts.
Rounds 2-6: sc into next 9 sts, ch 1, turn


Sc around the perimeter of the rectangle and fasten off, weave ends.
Take a length of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the crochet bow, starting in the middle of the yarn. Wrap both ends around the bow going in opposite directions. After wrapping 3-4 times, tie a small knot in the back of the bow and cut the ends.

Here are the beautiful Bows.
And enjoy it!

crochet bows

Thank you so much for trying my pattern.

Feel free to share tutorials with your friends on socials and on crochet knitting groups. If you have a blog you can also share my tutorials (link to this site).

see you next week.

Have a happy day!

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